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Customized music butler public broadcaster, professionally designed music library

Contains more than 1000 music, 20 theme music styles, and long-term atmosphere music is customized according to the time period.

[Suitable for playing environment]

Aromatherapy Spa Pavilion, resort hotels, B & B, Hot Spring Resort, Scenic

Space will be -

Exhibition venues, stores, department stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, clinics

499 monthly rental of customized music butler public broadcaster

  • Special offer: 499 per month within 100 pings

    *Free custom-designed music during the planning and design period. *No deposit for renting the public broadcast machine, and the contract will be recovered at the end of the contract. *One-year contract, free maintenance and warranty within the contract

    *Use the online music butler channel to play for free


    *Customized public broadcaster

    *ㄧTwo-to-two audio cable

    *Authorization to use public broadcast legally

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