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At the age of 16, I went to school at an altitude of 400 meters and saw the majesty of the mountains and the beauty of the clouds.

Before the age of 30, I was deeply in love with nature and set foot in the mountains and forests of Taiwan

Released the first piano performance album "Piano Poems" at the age of 30

I started climbing Baiyue at the age of 34 and have since become fascinated by the mountains of Taiwan ... From "Piano Poems", "Taiwan's Forests", "Looking for Spirits", "Green Diary" to "Flying Paradise" ... 22 years of classic creation, full of greenery Fresh melody, natural music of mountain and forest spirit.

Shan-Ji Hualin's 22 Years of Piano Creation Selection

SKU: EM-1606
  • Golden Melody Award composer Ji Hualin's 22 years of music works, covering religion, soul, nature, pop, jazz, the latest masterpiece in 2017 "Mountain" + 22 years of nature music creation selection, is a piece of relaxation, immersed in beauty A selection of piano albums with a mountain and forest atmosphere in Taiwan.


    1. Mountain (new composition)

    2. Forest light Lin Jian Chenguang ( 1994 first solo piano album)

    3.Gold Forest (the first forest album with the theme of Taiwan’s nature)

    4. Calling Of The Forests ( " Looking for the Wizard " won the Best Composer Award at the 20th Golden Melody Awards)

    5.Whispers Of The Divine Trees listen to the whispers of the divine tree

    6.Shadow of The Wind wind shadow

    7.Angel tears Angel Tears

    8. In The Fog mist house

    9.Afternoon clouds in the afternoon clouds

    10.Mist Upon The Ming-Chi Clear Lake haze

    11. Wind Over The Awn River Wind River Mountain autumn

    12.Life of The Elder Artist is not the old craftsman

    13.Rolling piano piano rolls

    14.Ripples Of The Water water ripples

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