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A frequency shuttles the moment of memory, a frequency starts the rotation of time and space, and a frequency arranges a combination of notes; there is no repetition, no music score, only improvised notes in the brain

Brain improvisation -

Ji Hualin’s brain world is full of hallucinations, fantasies, and countless unknown frequencies; frequent lightning visits in his brain, the world for a second, suddenly stands still in time and space, only sees the extremely fast flowing electric waves, and hears the resonance of different frequencies. , Time moves slowly, as if you are in a blue river, is it a photon in a vacuum? It shuttles deep in the left brain, constantly looking for the missing frequencies ...

Frequency-Ji Hualin Impromptu in Brain

SKU: EM-1607
  • Album producer subversion law -

    An album with no thoughts at the beginning, just want to show the impromptu notes in the brain through the piano, it is a kind of emotional expression, a kind of self-expression, a recorded piano performance, no title, no score, no repair, Only the notes released instantly in the brain, even if there are some imperfect small flaws, are the most true and natural presentations in the brain ...

    The completed impromptu music returns to the frequency in the brain again, and gives the idea of album production, which completely subverts the rules of album production. It can be environmental music, healing music, or music that allows the listener to customize the atmosphere ...

    Music does not need to be restricted, music does not need to be packaged, music is music ...


    1.frequency frequency

    2. Shuttle memory

    Temporal rotated 3.Turn time and space

    4. Lightning visit lightning visit

    5.One second of the world-second world

    Current 6.Current highway road

    7.resonance resonance

    8.Slow speed retarder

    9.Blue river blue river

    10.Photon photon

    11.Left brain waves left brain wave

    12.Lost is missing

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