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<<<2018 Music Album Release Revolution >>>

The world's first set of TF background music designed to create an atmosphere for environmental spaces

The "Environmental Healing Pianist" TF series of albums was spent one year by the Golden Melody musician Ji Hualin. He set foot in the mountains and forests, immersed in the environment of natural beauty, and created 10 albums of high-quality themed series of piano music; listeners follow The shift of the environment, immersed in the atmosphere of the space at any time, suitable for piano music in personal and business spaces. It is a set of healing music antidote for urbanites to relieve stress and worry and relax the mind.

"Series 6 Green rain 绿雨"

01 The disappearance of the rainforest

02 Rolling dew

03 Falling down

04 Banyan

05 Fog forest

06 Walking snails

07 Green air

08 Magic mushroom forest

09 Spruce

10 After the rain

11 Mountain spring water

12 Green rain

[Suitable for playing environment]

Personal -

Work, reading, meditation, yoga, sleep, baby sleep

Atmosphere of space -

Aromatherapy Spa Pavilion, resort hotels, B & B, Hot Spring Resort, Scenic

Space will be -

Exhibition venues, stores, department stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants

Green rain綠雨-環境療癒鋼琴師TF系列專輯6

  • *The first to release an album with a TF memory card combined with a Bluetooth speaker product that supports plug-in cards

    TF card playback format of high-quality piano music

    *Ecity exclusive and completely free of charge authorized public business venues for broadcast

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