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Blue Rhapsody super band singer Rita

A Kaohsiung singer with conflicting voices such as high-pitched and lazy, so he interprets various genres in different styles. He is good at funk, R&B, lyric and other genres. Graduated from the foreign language department, he is more familiar with the interpretation of English songs and has a variety of styles. It is an indicator of clothing fashion in the performing world! He used to be the reviewer of singing competitions in the National Pingtung Institute of Business and Technology, Oriental University of Science and Technology, Zhengxiu University of Science and Technology, MinTV and other units; now he is the main singer of the new generation of Kaohsiung Blue Rhapsody Orchestra.



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藍色狂想樂團-John&rita春酒演唱Y.A.C.A/uptown funk

藍色狂想樂團-John&rita春酒演唱Y.A.C.A/uptown funk

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藍色狂想樂團表演經紀|Jon 藍色狂想Live

藍色狂想樂團表演經紀|Jon 藍色狂想Live

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Milestones of singing experience

2020  New Year's Eve Kaohsiung Baiguangnian "Ji Hualin & Blue Rhapsody Superband" sea stage performance

2020  Zuoying's "Wannian Season Closing Meeting" performance

2019/2020  Chiayi Tourism Bureau "East Stone Sea Summer" performance

2018  Taiwan 2018 top session Taiwan's top music professionals to develop a project superstar concert in Kaohsiung Pier 2 and the queen Peng Jiahui on the same stage singing demonstration teaching

2017  A total of 1,000 commercial performances such as weddings and wedding invitations have been invited

2016  Qisheng Technology's tail teeth perform at the Kaohsiung Arena

The only designated performance group for the 2015 Dali Boutique VVIP Night

2014  The only designated singer for the theme song of Nanying International Folk Art and Culture Festival "Love in Nanying" and "Complete Dream Together"

From 2012 to 2013, he was invited to host and sing hundreds of events such as weddings, tail teeth, and product announcements.

2011  Participated in the "Tap Hand Dance"-"Tap Hand Dance" in Banyan Garden, Kaohsiung Weiwuying Arts and Cultural Center, and performed with the Taipei Tap Dance Company-Dance Factory.

2011  Participated in the performance of "Qin Yu Dian Niang" at the Kaohsiung Spring Art Festival of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City.

2010 Kaohsiung Dagang Sings-Performed in collaboration with Peng Jiahui.

2010 Kaohsiung Cultural Center to Detang held the "February 28 Peace Memorial Concert" for the first time in collaboration with the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra to sing Ji Hualin's Finding Wizard album works-

      Singing "Li Dao" received enthusiastic response.

2009 Participated in Ji Hualin BIGBAND, and held 3 jazz concerts in Kaohsiung's Pier-2 Art Special Zone and Weiwuying Art and Cultural Center Rongyuan.

2008 sang Ji Hualin's first independently produced and released solo album "Looking for the Wizard-Ji Hualin" and performed the album "Li Dao", and won the 20th edition in 2009        Golden Melody Award for the best composer in the popular performance category.

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