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A-level space project

Designed by top music team. Exclusive atmosphere space



Sky Eye-Environmental Pianist Series Album  

     Play system package combination

First purchase gift limited to 100 sets


[ The Breath of Mountain 3CD Album ]

Golden Melody Award Winning Album

(Worth 1170 yuan)



"Energy Music Series 3CD Album"

Plus a nice gift~

[Music Butler Online Broadcast Channel]

Unlimited music for 6 months

Ambient atmosphere space. Unlimited music playback

The first limited edition special offer  4950 yuan

"Suitable for playing space"

Atmospheric space-
Resort hotels, homestays, hot spring clubs, scenic spots, amusement parks, cultural parks, school parks

Metropolitan Space-
Department stores, shopping centers, hypermarkets, large shopping malls, mass merchandise stores, exhibition venues, halls, corridors, LOBBY, tourist hotels, hotels, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, clubs, saunas, SPA, swimming pools

Work, reading, hiking, climbing

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