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Talking about Music and Environmental Space

Environmental music (Environment music), also known as "background music", is an aid used in offices, lounges, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels to improve the psycho-physiological environment or increase work efficiency to create a profitable effect. Sex music.

In business and tourism, "environmental music" has played a certain economic auxiliary role. In business, environmental music can affect consumers’ buying habits. Research has shown that environmental music programs designed in accordance with consumers’ psychology and environmental characteristics can slow customers unconsciously and extend shopping time. Investigations Studies have shown that the improvement of music can increase sales by 38%. Of course, it is not only for such a commercial purpose, but more importantly, we will create a peaceful and comfortable shopping environment for customers. From the meaning of environmental music itself and its significance In the field of application, we can extend the concept of environmental music design, which is based on the foundation of music psychology, musicology, psychology and music therapy. Consider the influence of people and music on physical and mental, social, interpersonal, and efficiency.


Environmental music used in tourism:

Including environmental music used in tourist attractions, homestays, restaurants and other occasions. The use of environmental music in tourist attractions makes the scenery more distinctive under the background of music; homestays and restaurants can make guests feel at home and give them psychological comfort and warmth.


Different from the general public broadcasting companies that provide music classification that is too complicated and highly repetitive, ecity public broadcasting music provides a series of music with different styles and types designed and designed in a situational atmosphere, which is widely used in different industries, allowing users to choose more concisely and quickly. Your own suitable playing space.

Magical music

An empirical research by the Industrial Technology Research Institute of "Music Stress Relief Effect Research" report shows that after listening to music for about ten minutes, the unique music rhythm and melody can improve the relaxed, sensual and passive Alpha wave (α wave) 21%, relatively in the human brain, which is responsible for the nervous and active mental operation (β wave), can take a break, and the autonomic nervous system is highly coordinated within five minutes. Music can relieve stress, and good music has become a good way to relieve stress in busy modern day-to-day lives.

The Alpha wave is the most relaxed and comfortable state. Therefore, whenever listening to music that conforms to the Alpha wave, a soft concert leads people into calmness and relaxation. This state is also a source of thinking and creativity.

According to surveys, Americans with higher academic qualifications believe in complementary medicine. Among them, those with master's, doctoral degree, or professionals, and up to 55.4% use complementary medicine.

Beautiful, natural and harmonious music can calm the brain's autonomic nerves, activate blood circulation, and promote physical and mental health.

Music therapy

Listening to healing music can directly act on the hypothalamus and limbic system, which is in charge of the emotional center of the human brain, and can regulate human emotions in both directions.
The auditory center of the brain and the pain center are both in the temporal lobe of the brain. Music stimulates the auditory center to have an interactive inhibitory effect on pain. At the same time, music can also increase the concentration of pituitary enkephalin, and enkephalin can inhibit pain, so music has analgesic effect.
Music can improve brain function, coordinate the left and right hemispheres of the brain, thereby promoting human intellectual development, so it is often used in children's early intellectual development; music can improve the abilities of children with intellectual disabilities, so music is widely used in special education.


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