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Want to have stress relief, relaxation, and sleep every day? Join in the self-healing of insomnia, emotions, depression, self-cultivation of the mind, meditation, meditation and unlimited energy

>>>Improvised piano self-healing club teaching course <<<

【Piano Improvisation Training Course】

*Enrollment limit of 8 students per echelon*

A stylish wedding party

Professional customized music atmosphere design


Newcomer limited!

Exclusive gifts of up to 30,000 yuan worth of wedding value music in Taiwan

Get to know first>

Create my improvisations in 3 months~

What did you learn?

*Piano composing ability *Piano accompaniment skills *Jazz harmony application *Improvisation ability



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紓壓【即興鋼琴自療室】-Piano healing,Relief

紓壓【即興鋼琴自療室】-Piano healing,Relief

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1分鐘即興 1

1分鐘即興 1

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Left brain waves左腦波-紀華麟腦內即興

Left brain waves左腦波-紀華麟腦內即興

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Teaching features:

*8 intensive training courses of teacher Ji Hualin

*One-to-one recording teaching training

*Study level verification

*Blue Rhapsody Stage Results Announcement Concert

"Course content"

Chord application

Chord progression

Tonal application

Creative style

Touch key perception

Fingertip mood

Melody improvisation

Instant creation

*Improvement acceptance verification

*Announcement of results


12 lessons (60 minutes per lesson) 3 months in total

"Target of enrollment"

Possess basic piano playing ability

"Class Hours" (8 time slots open)

Monday 10:00 11:00

Tuesday 10:00 11:00 17:00

Wednesday 10:00 11:00 17:00

Teaching piano recording studio


"Course Fees"

Basic class 4800 yuan/month (4 lessons)

Advanced class 6000 yuan/month (4 lessons)

​Teacher: Teacher Ji Hualin

Won the Best Composer Award in the 20th Golden Melody Awards

Course inquiry

TEL: 0932-992935

For private messages, please go to the FB community to ask for a message

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