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How background music can boost your business

Improve sales and customer awareness

Music is a basic part of everyone's life. Before we embark on our own musical journey, we learn from the best (our parents), usually starting with some doubts, until we integrate into our own music preferences and live a happy life from then on.

Music has the magical ability to enhance the happiest times and push people through the hardest times, and is even used as a popular healing method-  So why do we ignore this important psychological aspect?

The background concert has a huge impact on what your customers think of your brand, how long they are willing to stay, and how much they are willing to spend.

Based on the in-depth research on the impact of background music on the sales of McDonald’s in Sweden, valuable insights have been revealed, showing that the correct music does have a significant impact on sales.

-  Brand-matched music resulted in a 15.6% increase in additional products that customers may not have purchased before purchase.

-  Random selection of non-brand-matched music resulted in a 9.1% drop in total sales.

-Music that does not match the brand causes sales to be lower than that of music without music!

Based on another survey, brand-matched music also allows customers to experience better happiness and satisfaction than listening to brand-mismatched music, which suggests that they may stay longer and spend more money.

Just choose tracks because they are popular, even if your customers like pop music, but if it doesn’t suit your brand, it doesn’t make them feel good and spend more.

If you think your business is a high-end bar, an ideal place for luxurious cocktails and social drinks or business meetings, your music must reflect the atmosphere and taste of your customers.

This goes one step further when you analyze the playlist schedule of different trading modes. For example, a playlist that matches your leisurely business lunch transaction will be different from your fast and busy evening transaction. In these very different time periods, the rhythm and style of the music may be very different, but it still has to be carefully customized to fit the space and ultimately suit your brand. The wrong music (and at the wrong point in time) can confuse your customers, make them feel uneasy, and ultimately prompt them to drink elsewhere!

A study by psychologists at the University of Leicester concluded that even for customers who feel that music is not important, their perceptions of the store atmosphere are affected by music.

-  When optimistic, fast-paced music plays, customers think this store is cool and modern.

-  When playing slow rock music, customers think the store is "tired"  .

Music can still have a subconscious impact on your customers without even realizing it.

If customers have a negative view of your brand, they won’t want to spend a lot of time in your store or restaurant, thereby spending more money. Get background music and your customers' positive views of your brand will make them stay longer and spend more money.

How can other businesses improve their performance through background music?

By attracting a variety of customers, a series of cafes and bars, background music is the core of business. Notes founder Fabio’s first coffee shop was located in a music store next to the Royal Opera House in London, and they really had to focus on providing suitable music to their eclectic customers.

Fabio quickly learned that if the music is not good, people will tell you that he feels the pressure! During the day, Notes is a coffee shop, and at night it is a bar, Fabio finds that music is the perfect ally to switch between trading modes.

By creating the perfect atmosphere

Chris Fung, CEO of Crussh Juice Bar  Found that background music is very important to his brand. He said, “If we can create a suitable environment to make our music fun, enjoyable and unobtrusive, our customers will be encouraged to stay longer and visit Crussh more frequently.”

You need to do this!

Matching your background music to your brand is a multi-dimensional task. You not only need to complete it once, but also keep getting correct as the brand develops and customers' tastes change.

Music selection requires attention and some adjustments, but many business owners and managers ignore the priority until they understand how it can make a difference to their business. Emerging research on the impact of background music on customer behavior and sales is exciting for companies that can now use music not only as a brand expression, but also as a unique business development tool.

Do you want your background music to do more for your brand?

Learn how ecity works with you, understand your brand, and match it with the perfect soundtrack to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

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