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ecity customized music butler public broadcaster

Department stores/hypermarkets/restaurants/homestays/restaurants/coffee and various business spaces

Customized music broadcaster, exclusive music space designer for commercial venues


Three extra gifts for the first year!

Good gift 1. Free use of online music butler channel during the contract period
Gifts 2. Add 120 pieces of pure piano music and birthday music gifts 3. Sign up for 2 years to enjoy the adjustment and update of the music style of the broadcast machine


Broadcasting machine features

The ecity environmental space music design team has more than 35 years of music experience and professional experience. It has gathered experts in the golden music field of the new century, soul, nature, jazz, folk songs, etc., specializing in designing in any environmental space, creating comfort Music in a healing atmosphere.

Professionally designed music library

Contains more than 1000 music, 20 theme music styles, and long-term atmosphere music is customized according to the time period.
ecity broadcast music has a professional digital recording studio and a professional music
team in different horizons, and provides a carefully selected design for the customization of the environmental music of the business premises.


Simple music and delicate sound

Listening to piano music has always given people a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Simple music is the most capable of expressing the richest atmosphere of the situation and conveying the most delicate sound, allowing people to unintentionally blend into the context of the space with the music to achieve a smooth mood.

 "Music Audition"

【Healing Piano】

【Jazz Piano】

【Jazz Sax】

[Relief music]

【Energy Music】

【Meditation Music】

【World Music】

【Crystal Music】

【electronic music】

【Sofa Music】


Installation method of music butler public broadcaster

The easiest and most stable way to play

Through the public broadcaster integrated with the ecocity music system, itcan play music by connecting to the existing wired speakers in the business place . The sound quality is clear and delicate, and the playback is stable and uninterrupted for a long time.

Music player


1 to 2 connection line

Insert Line out

Connect wired speakers

First purchase gift limited

Double ride

[ Music Butler Online Broadcast Channel ]

ㄧ Years of unlimited music playback

No ping limit

Public music service comparison


-Preferential project-


*Free custom-designed music during the planning and design period. *No deposit for renting the public broadcast machine, and the contract will be recovered at the end of the contract. *One-year contract, free maintenance and warranty within the contract

Use the online music butler channel to play for free

Special offer for the first year of renting  499 yuan / month (100 pyeong)


*Customized public broadcaster

*ㄧTwo-to-two audio cable

*Authorization to use public broadcast legally

Cash on delivery

Authorized service description

Everyone who applies for the annual rental of ecity customized music butler public broadcaster  , Immediately enjoy unlimited playback of the online music butler channel unlimited pings. The only mandate to use for each place of business address ㄧ Sheets floor limit.

Any purchase of digital music by downloading on the site is limited to the scope of personal playback. If you need to use it for playback in business premises, please email to inquire about the right to use the public broadcast.

All music products authorized by ecocity are accompanied by a certificate of legal authorization

The user is not allowed to transfer. If the address or name of the authorized user is changed, the original authorization will be invalidated.

Public Sense of Music

Music CDs purchased by oneself cannot be played publicly in business premises

Q: Why is it an act of using other people's works to play a purchased music CD with one's own broadcasting equipment in the store?

A: Playing music CDs with your own broadcasting equipment in business premises is called public performances, and the right to public performances belongs to the owner of the copyright property rights. If you buy a genuine music CD, you only buy the ownership of the CD, but don’t buy it. The songwriter and record company have the right to perform publicly on this CD. Therefore, to play the music in the CD public performance for customers to listen to, it is necessary to obtain authorization from the songwriter and record company.

Public broadcast music should be called "public performance"

According to the definition of copyright law:

Public performance: Refers to the use of acting, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments or other methods to convey the content of the work to the public at the scene. It also belongs to those who use loudspeakers or other equipment to convey the original sound or image to the public.


Public broadcast music is the copyright owner or copyright intermediary group that authorizes the public performance rights of musical works (songs and music) and recording works (CD) to users for legal and public use.

In the case, without obtaining the right to use public broadcasting, the prosecution used Article 92 of the Copyright Law: "Public oral, public broadcasting, public screening, public performance, public transmission, public display, modification, editing, or renting for profit. Those who infringe on the copyrights of others" believe that the company is playing songs by Wu Sikai, Huang Yunling, and Hou Xiangting in stores without authorization, and sues the person in charge of the company.

Therefore, if the store performs public performances without formal authorization, that is to say, playing CDs (regardless of genuine or pirated) in public places (especially business premises), it violates Article 92 of the Copyright Law and can be punished for less than three years. Fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, or a fine of up to NT$750,000.

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