About Ji Hualin

The music style covers religion, soul, nature, pop, and jazz; and a full range of musicians who are constantly innovating and looking for new musical elements

My father is a professional accordion player. He has been deeply influenced by music since he was a child. He learned the electronic organ from his father, received orthodox classical piano education, and at the same time became obsessed with jazz music, so he started his career as a musician; He tried stage music creation for the first time, and won the best soundtrack award for two consecutive years. After retiring from the military, he entered an Asian record company and released many popular personal albums, such as Taiwan's Forest, Da Jiangdong, Jazz, Piano Poems... etc. Album works.


In 1990, he co-opened Kaohsiung’s first jazz music PUB "Blue Rhapsody Music School" with my brother, which successfully promoted the trend of Kaohsiung music PUB. It can be described as the pioneer of music PUB in Hong Kong and capital, and at the same time established the "Blue Rhapsody Orchestra" 』, was invited to cooperate with the Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra in the "Taipei 1998 APEC" International Conference to perform "Thinking Up". In 1999, he accepted an exclusive interview with the public television station’s "Life Musician" program. The Municipal Cultural Center Zhidetang hosted the first concert that fused jazz, pop, rock, and traditional music styles, creating a new milestone for southern Taiwan’s music performance culture.


      In 2008, he released his first independently produced "Looking for the Elves-Ji Hualin" Nature Music Symphonic Poem Performance Album, and won the 20th Golden Melody Awards the following year as the best composer in the pop performance category; in 2011, it was again named "Tap Hand Dance -" "Ji Hualin" solo album was shortlisted for the Best Album Award and Best Album Producer Award in the Pop Performance Category of the 22nd Golden Melody Awards. Ji Hualin's music style covers religion, soul, nature, pop, and jazz; he is an all-round musician who is constantly innovating and looking for new musical elements.


Music Memorabilia

1989: Joined "Asian Records" and "DiTing Culture Co., Ltd." and created many well-known and familiar works   Detailed religious music and spiritual music.

1990: opened Kaohsiung's first jazz music PUB "Rhapsody Blue" with my brother, and formed a jazz band called "Super Band" as the leader and keyboard player; "Rhapsody Blue" started from          Dasein has established an unshakable position in Kaohsiung's music PUB world.

1994: Released his first piano performance composition album "Piano Poems"

1997: For the Taiwan Liberation Festival, re-arranged Taiwanese folk songs "Thoughts Up"; and was invited to perform modern rock and Chinese music ensemble on the same stage with the Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra in the Plaza of the Kaohsiung Cultural Ce