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The subconscious effect of restaurant music

Music is one of the very powerful artistic elements. Whether they are good or bad, it affects emotions. It can soothe or energize. Music is one of these elements, which can be used as the focus of others alone, or as a background element that is conducive to the overall atmosphere. When people think of the word atmosphere, people usually think of a person's environment. The atmosphere of a restaurant can be described as "spatial aesthetics used to trigger a conscious space design and produce a certain effect among customers".

An approachable behavior involves reacting by moving the body. For restaurant owners, it’s important to understand why people react to certain circumstances in a certain way. People often react to the atmosphere in different ways for various reasons, which in turn causes them to approach or avoid the atmosphere.

The catalyst for any of these reactions is music. The music in a restaurant often has a major influence on whether a person decides to approach or avoid the restaurant. A survey was conducted among four diners of some diners to understand the influence of music on restaurants. 80% of people said that they like to hear background music when eating out in a restaurant. Those who like to listen to background music in restaurants gave the following reasons:

  • 71% of people said that they would feel more romantic when playing "excellent background music".

  • 74% of people said that playing high-quality background music means they are more likely to enjoy a meal.

  • 78% of people said that a restaurant that creates high-quality background music can relax them. A survey was also conducted to show why the music in restaurants caused customers to approach or avoid establishment. Those who like to listen to music in restaurants gave the following responses to their actions:

  • 39% said that if they stop playing background music, they will go to the restaurant more frequently.

  • 41% said that if they stopped playing background music, they would consider going to another restaurant.

  • Fifty-six percent of the respondents indicated that they would prefer to recommend a restaurant that plays background music rather than a restaurant that does not play background music.

  • 64% of respondents said that the high-quality background music of the restaurant encourages them to stay there longer.

  • 67% said that the background concert made them revisit the restaurant. Not only does music have a significant impact on customer behavior in the enterprise, but the type of music played will also become a factor in most restaurants.

Another study was about customer behavior in restaurants, which used "music loudness" as an independent variable. In the eight experiments, the music changed from loud to soft. This survey shows that when slow music is played, customers spend more time dining than fast music. It is found that the rhythm of the music has a significant impact on the restaurant’s food and beverage spending. Depending on the target audience of your restaurant, the music played in your restaurant should complement the atmosphere. If you are in a high-end restaurant, your customers are unlikely to enjoy heavy metals at candlelight dinners. In 2003, psychologist Adrian North (Adrian North) conducted a study on the differences in music played at different times in an 18-month restaurant.                   

 North said that live music particularly attracts couples, friends and young parties. In a study of an organization that played live music, 93% of people attended two or more parties. In addition to mood, the obvious advantages of restaurant music. One of the advantages is that the noise of the ambient kitchen will be filtered out by music. Most of your customers don't want to hear the clinking of pots and pans in the kitchen. The disadvantage of playing music in restaurants is that sometimes the music is too loud. You can't create the atmosphere it should be, especially if it's almost deafening, the music can sometimes be annoying. Finally, you should always consider playing music in the restaurant or not. Make sure to play appropriate music for the venue and atmosphere you create for your customers. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the music being played is legally owned for use in the business premises for public playback and recording copyrights. Never assume that you can get lucky to play music publicly without getting permission to play music in a restaurant. When must (Chinese Music Copyright Association) conducts surprise inspections of restaurants to ensure that you have a license. As mentioned earlier, please remember that unless you are in a bar or club, don't play the music too shockingly. Unless you are in a bar or club, you will drive away more customers.

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