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Great value music gadgets

Digital Album Card [Sleep Pianist] Series


Fan Xinren signed a cooperation contract with "Yi Horizon Music Art" to complete the wedding music performance activities,

Immediately give back a digital music album card with a maximum value of 30,000 yuan.

Gift plan:

  30 tables or more  Free 50 sheets

  Free 80 tickets for more than 60 tables

  100 tables for more than 80 tables

Album: Twelve Dreams

Scan QR code with mobile phone to automatically listen and download online

Value of each album: 300 yuan


​ -Album introduction-

The Golden Melody Musician Ji Hualin's own sleep clinical experiment lasted for one year, targeting people with sleep comfort, short-term insomnia, short-term insomnia, and long-term insomnia.

Use music beats, audio and notes to adjust the changes in the brain waves of the sleep cycle and improve the quality of sleep. The experimental music for sleep piano is carefully made.

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