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Production of promotional tapes for stores/departments

The music atmosphere design for the shopping environment of department stores and stores mainly strengthens the promotion of a comfortable shopping environment in the store space, and appropriately inserts the introduction of in-store promotional products in the music to achieve the benefits of the environmental atmosphere and product promotion.

3 advantages

  • Up to 1 hour of music promotion loop playback

  • Free to pay for the use of public broadcast music

  • Customize the design of music according to the atmosphere of the environment

production cost:

Promotional tape (single store) Special price for the project: 6000 yuan Content:
*Total length 60 minutes
   2 minutes of professional dubbing to introduce the product, 10 repetitions totaling 20 minutes + 40 minutes

   Public broadcast music *Free authorized public broadcast music *Complete recording with 2 CDs

*For each additional storefront broadcast use, an additional fee of 500 yuan for the use of public broadcast music will be charged


Different Horizons Recording Studio


No. 25, Lane 190, Tongmeng 3rd Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City
  Tel: 07-3133983  0932-992935

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