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Vocational Training Course for Piano Musicians

*Enrollment limit of 8 students per echelon*

Stand on my performance stage in 3 months~

What did you learn?

*Solo accompaniment skills *Harmony application skills *Tone application skills *Practical experience on stage

—Beat Rhythm Training Teaching—

—Introduction to Blue Rhapsody Super Band—

—Blue Rhapsody Live Performance—

Teaching features:

*8 intensive training courses of teacher Ji Hualin

*One-to-one recording teaching training

*Study level verification

*Blue Rhapsody Stage Results Announcement Concert

"Course content"

Notational notation ability

Basic transposition training

Tone application skills

Harmony application skills

Beat rhythm training

Orchestra accompaniment skills

Stage actual combat experience

The tacit performance skills of various genre orchestras

*Orchestra Performance Acceptance Verification

*Announcement of results


12 lessons (60 minutes per lesson) 3 months in total

"Target of enrollment"

Possess basic piano playing ability

"Class Hours" (8 time slots open)

Monday 10:00 11:00

Tuesday 10:00 11:00 17:00

Wednesday 10:00 11:00 17:00

Piano Teaching Studio


"Course Fees"

6000 yuan/month (4 sessions)

​Teacher: Teacher Ji Hualin

Won the Best Composer Award in the 20th Golden Melody Awards

Head of the Blue Rhapsody Super Band

Course inquiry

TEL: 0932-992935

For private messages, please go to the FB community to ask for a message

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