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Musician’s 24th Anniversary【Flute Recital】Limited time special pricing

Special surprise sale price for a limited time!!  Until August 31, 2021

ㄧ Order 20 copies and get 5 copies free

驚喜 1



驚喜 2


        LeJiang Music Publishing House, founded in 1997, mainly distributes popular, innovative and professional music teaching materials. So far, it has published more than 100 kinds of music scores.
Musician’s 24th anniversary special selection plan "Flute Concert 20+5" special project and "Taiwan Distributors Top 10 Best-selling Music Teaching Materials" for ordering reference. If you are interested in our company's teaching materials, please welcome sales cooperation.

"Taiwan Distributors' Top 10 Best-selling Music Textbooks"

Top1 Beating flute melody Top2 Violin recital  Top3 flute recital  Top4 chords are fully played  Top5 Music Space Designer 

Top6 Beating violin melody Top7 Beating keyboard melody  Top8 Beating flute melody 2  Top9 Saxophone Performance Selection Top10 2007 Animation Selection


For more music textbooks, please refer to

『Distribution cooperation method』
Order price: Each order must be more than 1500 yuan (after discount); the first matching price is 40% off (excluding tax), and the subsequent matching price is 50% off (excluding tax)
Settlement method: the first cooperation is settled by cash transfer, and the follow-up long-term cooperation is to use monthly cash remittance or monthly cash spot check.
Shipping fee: Each order must exceed 1500 yuan (after discount) free shipping, long-term cooperative dealers who order less than 1500 yuan will need to pay 200 yuan for each shipment.
If you need a detailed content catalog of all the teaching materials, you can go to the ecity website"LeJiang Music Publishing House-LeJiang Music Series Catalog" to download the electronic catalog file, or if you have any questions, please call for inquiries (07) 223-8857  Order the fax line: (07) 223-5975
Welcome to join Lejiang Music Distribution Network, and work together to create a diversified and high-quality music learning atmosphere, and wish your company a prosperous career.

Lejiang Music Publishing House Tel: 07-2238857 Fax: 07-223-5975
Address: No. 115, Wufu 1st Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City 807

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