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Digital Music Postcard-Sleeping Pianist (Taiwan Baiyue Series)

Taiwan Baiyue Series・Dashuiku Mountain

Album: Sleeping

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Value of each album: 300 yuan


Fan Xinren signed a cooperation contract with "Yi Horizon Music Art" to complete the wedding music performance activities,

Immediately give back and present a digital music postcard with a maximum value of 60,000 yuan.

Gift plan:

15 tables or more  100 free

150 free tickets for more than 40 tables

Free 200 tickets for more than 50 tables

​ -Album introduction-

The Golden Melody Musician Ji Hualin's own sleep clinical experiment lasted for one year. It is carefully produced by music beats, audio and notes to adjust the changes in sleep cycle brainwaves and improve sleep quality for people with sleep comfort, short-term insomnia, short-term insomnia, and long-term insomnia. Experimental music for sleep piano.


1. Gentle heart rate

Regular beats, light melody, calm down before going to bed and adjust the comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

2. Distracting thoughts

With the continuous rhythm of the eighth note, it diverts the chores of the day and guides it into a single attention.

3. Sleeping period

The slow single note leads to sleep, coupled with the harmonious and warm harmony and the alternating sound of single notes, slowly enters the sleep state of 9-12Hz intermediate alpha wave.

04.REM  Rapid eye movement

The mid-to-high position of the audio, the third-tone melody beat, can make the muscles of the body static and the most relaxed state, and the heartbeat and breathing will be irregular and rising.

05 NREM 1  Light sleep  1

The brain wave state begins to decline, and the heartbeat and breathing will gradually slow down.

06.NREM 2  Light sleep  2

At this stage, the brain emits two modes, sleep spindles and K-complex wave.

Muscle tension throughout the body will be minimized, heartbeat and breathing will become irregular, and dreams will often occur. wave  Deltapo

NREM  The third period is the transition period from the second to the fourth period, θ  The wave gradually turns into a delta wave.

The brain waves will drop again, and the depth of sleep at this stage is the deepest.

8.Deep sleep golden sleep

Deep sleep makes the brain dormant, improves immunity, restores fatigue, secretes two neurotransmitters related to mood, serum amine and norepinephrine, stabilizes mood, relaxes muscles completely, and reduces breathing, pulse, and heartbeat to a minimum.

9.SWS slow wave sleep

The general performance is: various sensory functions decrease, skeletal muscle reflex activity and muscle tone decrease, autonomic nerve function generally decreases, but gastric juice secretion and sweating function increase, and growth hormone secretion increases significantly. Slow wave sleep is good for promoting growth and restoring physical strength.

10.  Insomnia experiment (1)

Begin to lure the brain's attention with the percussion of notes, gradually slow down the beat, calm the heart rhythm, reduce stress, and then use high, middle and low frequency single notes to clear up the brain's distracting thoughts.

11.  Insomnia experiment (2)

The extremely slow speed and the low audio frequency make the brain wave state drop. The conversations and repeated phrases in the middle and low audio levels make the original mental and physical state of hyperactive, such as rapid heartbeat, accelerated breathing, muscle tension, and inability to stop thinking. Come down and wait, and alleviate.

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