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ecity environmental music design

Exclusive free public broadcast music library, exclusive music space designer for commercial venues

Is the music you play legal?

ecity exclusively solves your problems one time

The world's first set specially designed for commercial spaces

               Environmental Pianist Series Album Play System

The ecity environmental space music design team has more than 35 years of music experience and professional experience. It has gathered experts in the music fields of the new century, soul, nature, etc., specializing in designing music that creates a comfortable and healing atmosphere in any environmental space.

It took one year for the Golden Melody musician Ji Hualin to set foot in the mountains and forests, immersed in the natural beauty of the environment, and create a new creation

Create 10 albums and 120 high-quality theme series piano music; piano music suitable for personal and business spaces.

It is a set of healing music antidote that relieves stress, relieves anxiety and relaxes the mind.

Simple music and delicate sound

Listening to piano music has always given people a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

ecity chooses piano solo as the first choice for environmental space atmosphere music. Simple music is indeed the most capable of expressing the richest situational atmosphere and conveying the most delicate sound, allowing people to unintentionally blend into the space situation with the music to achieve the mood. Smooth.

      Debut exclusive 3 big surprises! !

No public broadcast fee. There is no limit on the number of pings. Unlimited use

              3 major features


1. Purchase ecity music and have the right to use the public broadcast-

  Consumers purchase all music in ecity, and at the same time enjoy free perpetual public performance rights authorization and permanent     It has been legally used for public broadcasting for a long time, and it is exclusive without the limitation of playing the number of pings.


2. The easiest and most stable way to play-

   Play the artifact through the TF card integrated with the ecity system, and connect to the existing wired speakers in the business premises.     Play high-capacity storage of TF music albums, the sound quality is clear and delicate, and the playback is stable and uninterrupted for a long time.


3. Special atmosphere music designed for business space-

   Generally, broadcasters emphasize that they have tens of thousands of songs to play. There are not many that are really suitable, and they must be      And buy all the music usage fees, which is not expensive; ecity specializes in making environmental music tailored to      Mainly, it is designed to play music completely according to the suitable space atmosphere.

 "Music Audition"

Sky Eye-Environmental Pianist TF Series Album