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The world's first release of the first piano TF series album that combines Bluetooth speakers to create a situational atmosphere for environmental spaces

"Environmental Healing Pianist" The TF series of albums were created by Golden Melody musicians for a year, and created 10 albums with 120 high-quality theme series piano songs; listeners are immersed in the atmosphere of the space at any time as the environment changes. , Is a set of healing music antidote for urbanites to relieve stress and worry and relax the mind.

【Innovative Features】

@首创releases album with TF memory card combined with Bluetooth speaker merchandise

@ High-quality piano music TF card playback format


[Suitable for playing environment]

Personal -

Work, reading, meditation, yoga, sleep, baby sleep

Atmosphere of space -

Aromatherapy Spa Pavilion, resort hotels, B & B, Hot Spring Resort, Scenic

Space will be -

Exhibition venues, stores, department stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants

Moment-Healing Pianist Series Album 1

NT$980 Regular Price
NT$590Sale Price
  • Xiaobing Bluetooth Speaker + Instant-Healing Pianist Album 1

    Power supply mode : built-in lithium battery

    • Function : card radio
    • Size : 76x78x94mm
    • Play time : 3 hours
    • Connection method : 3.5MM audio jack  Bluetooth connection
    • Weight : 218g
    • Bluetooth version : 4.0
    • Shell material : plastic
    • Support format : USB/  TF card
    • Receiving distance : 10m
    • Speaker adjustment method : button
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