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The world's first release of the first piano TF series album that combines Bluetooth speakers to create a situational atmosphere for environmental spaces

"Environmental Healing Pianist" The TF series of albums were created by Golden Melody musicians for a year, and created 10 albums with 120 high-quality theme series piano songs; listeners are immersed in the atmosphere of the space at any time as the environment changes. , Is a set of healing music antidote for urbanites to relieve stress and worry and relax the mind.

【Innovative Features】

@首创releases album with TF memory card combined with Bluetooth speaker merchandise

@ High-quality piano music TF card playback format


"Series 1 moment"

01 moment

02 Blurred memory

03 Looking back

04 stay

05 caress

06 Only two people

07 Deja vu deja vu

08 Move in

09 Met her

10 feel as if one were visiting a place

11 Moments of time

12 Miss the season

[Suitable for playing environment]

Personal -

Work, reading, meditation, yoga, sleep, baby sleep

Atmosphere of space -

Aromatherapy Spa Pavilion, resort hotels, B & B, Hot Spring Resort, Scenic

Space will be -

Exhibition venues, stores, department stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants

Moment-Healing Pianist Series Album 1

NT$990 Regular Price
NT$590Sale Price
  • Pocket Pianist-Sunny Doll Bluetooth Speaker + Moment-Environmental Healing Pianist Album 1

    *Radio function, can connect mobile phone wireless bluetooth to play music.

    *TF card playback, support hands-free call.

    *Small and portable, with loud sound and good sound quality.

    *Long standby time, charging for 2 hours, can be used for more than 10 hours.

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