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<<<is the album. It is also a horn >>>

The world's first release of the first piano TF series album that combines Bluetooth speakers to create a situational atmosphere for environmental spaces


The Golden Melody Musician Ji Hualin's own sleep clinical experiment lasted for one year. It is carefully produced by music beats, audio and notes to adjust the brainwave changes in the sleep cycle and improve the quality of sleep for people with sleep comfort, short-term insomnia, short-term insomnia, and long-term insomnia. The series of experimental music for sleep piano.

Open the first song to go to the unknown dreamland, two moons appear to organize your thoughts for the day, the blue streets alleviate the frequency of chaos in your brain, and the still river prepares you to truly enter the dreamland...

01 Dreamland
02 Two moons
03 Blue street
04 Stationary river 05 Orange sky
06 Time and space
07 Dark passage
08 Back to childhood 09 illusion Chun Meng
10 drift
11 Dream in dream
12 Dream boat


【Innovative Features】

@首创releases album with TF memory card combined with Bluetooth speaker merchandise

@ High-quality music TF card playback form


[Suitable for playing environment]

Meditation, yoga, sleep, baby sleep

Atmosphere of space -

Aromatherapy Spa , Resort Hotels, B&Bs, Hot Spring Clubs


NT$980 Regular Price
NT$690Sale Price
  • Dreamland + Wood Grain Bluetooth Speaker Signature Limited Edition)

    *Radio function, can connect mobile phone wireless bluetooth to play music.

    *TF card playback, support hands-free call.

    *Small and portable, with loud sound and good sound quality.

    *Long standby time, charging for 2 hours, can be used for more than 10 hours.

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