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Suitable for the environment

Personal -

Work, reading, meditation, yoga, sleep, baby sleep

Atmosphere of space -

Aromatherapy Spa Pavilion, resort hotels, B & B, Hot Spring Resort, Scenic

Space will be -

Exhibition venues, department stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants

The Breath of the Mountain-Ambient Atmosphere Music Hardcover 3CD

SKU: EM-15S1
NT$1,170 Regular Price
NT$950Sale Price
  • Won the Golden Melody Award for Best Composer Award for album work "Looking for the Wizard" and Green Diary, Mountain 3CD set

    A set of contextual background music albums designed to create an atmosphere for business spaces, full of greenery, natural music from the mountains and forests, relaxing, decompressing, and healing music.

    The Golden Melody musician Ji Hualin spent many years setting foot in the mountains and forests, immersing himself in the natural beauty of the environment, creating a series of high-quality themed music; as the environment shifts, listeners are immersed in the atmosphere of the space at any time, suitable for personal and business The piano music of the space is a set of healing music antidote to relieve stress and worry for urbanites, and relax the mind.


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