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Personalized and innovative jazz improvisation, from the swing years of Broadway to the complex rhythms of Fusion-charming music style, fashionable mood, melodious notes, romantic melody, gorgeous big orchestra compilation and presentation, smooth and perfect interpretation of this album The cosmopolitan musical attitude; it will also take you into Ji Hualin’s different jazz life and music fantasy world!


01.  Tap Dancing Hands ☆ Tap Dancing Hands

02.  Party ☆ Prom

03.  Surprises ☆ surprise

04.  Amusement Park ☆ Amusement Park

05.  Sweetheart Of My Childhood ☆ Liang Xiao Wu Guess

06. Festivals ☆ festival

07.  My Home ☆ My Home

08. The Princess & Prince ☆ Princess and Prince

09.  Pink & Blue ☆ Pink & Blue

10.  Blue Fantasy 1990 ☆ Blue Fantasy 1990

11. Hey! Joel ☆ Hi! Qiao Wei


  • After [Finding the Wizard] won the "Best Composer Award" at the 20th Golden Melody Awards, the crossover music master Ji Hualin once again released a new album and his first personal creative jazz piano performance album.

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