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<<<2018 Music Album Release Revolution >>>

The world's first TF background music album designed to create an atmosphere for environmental spaces

"Environmental Healing Pianist Series" TF series of new albums by Golden Melody musician Ji Hualin spent a year, set foot in the mountains and forests, immersed in the natural beauty of the environment and atmosphere of the theme series of piano music; listeners are immersed in the space at any time as the environment changes The atmosphere is suitable for piano music in personal and business spaces. It is a set of healing music antidote for urbanites to relieve stress and worry and relax the mind.

*During a mountain climbing, a man walked in a forest full of greenery, and a house made of natural wood appeared in front of his eyes. An old grandfather was sitting under an old tree in front of the house, drinking coffee and enjoying the natural Fendor in the forest. , Just as curiosity stepped forward to say hello, there was nothing but extraordinary craftsmanship in front of me. Outside the exquisite wooden house, I really couldn't see the old grandfather. Is it an illusion?

Before leaving, I saw a wooden house sign hanging on the door of the wooden house, which read ... "Carpenter's House No: 68 "

"Series 11 Carpenter's House No. 68"

1.Healing forest Healing Forest

2.Sunny Doll Sunny Doll

3.Sunshine Toast the sun Toast

4.Carpenter's Home carpenter's house No.68

5.One person grocery store one grocery store

6.Music in the picture painted in music

7.Old tree trees

Taiwan red cypress Trails Red Cedar Trail

8.Back back

9.Looking up at the night sky night sky

10.Empty meditation

11.Meet Baha Baha met

12.Water piano piano water


  • 專輯:木匠的家No.68




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