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An album with no thoughts at the beginning, just want to show the impromptu notes in the brain through the piano, it is a kind of emotional expression, a kind of self-expression, a recorded piano performance, no title, no score, no repair, Only the notes released instantly in the brain, even if there are some imperfect small flaws, are the most true and natural presentations in the brain

The completed impromptu music returns to the frequency in the brain again, and gives the idea of album production, which completely subverts the rules of album production. It can be environmental music, healing music, or music that allows the listener to customize the atmosphere.

Music does not need to be restricted, music does not need to be packaged, music is music

In 1982 , the jazz dream began ... as if traveling through time and space, entering a parallel world, meeting myself, looking for the American jazz dream


1.1982 pianist
2.Gorgeous stage
gorgeous stage
3.Meet Monk met Munch
4.Music girl
5.Loop turns in a circle
6.Improvisation improvisation
7.Crystal piano Crystal Piano
8.the Hangover hangover
9. Showgirl showgirl
10.Yellow car yellow car
11.American Bistro American Bistro
Sir 12.Jazz Dream Dream
13.Meet yourself to meet their own
14.parallel world parallel world

TF Music Postcard-1982 Pianist (Taiwan Baiyue Series)

  • 專輯:1982鋼琴師




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