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Breath of mountain

A set of contextual background music albums designed to create an atmosphere for business spaces

−3 Healing Album Set CD−

  Looking for the elves/green diary/mountain

− Suitable for the environment −

personal space-

  • Work, reading, meditation, yoga, sleep, baby sleep

Mountain forest space-

  • Aromatherapy spa, resort hotels, homestays, hot spring clubs, scenic spots

Metropolitan Space-

  • Exhibition venues, department stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants

"Album introduction"

Album 1: Looking for the Fairy-Taiwan Nature Music Symphonic Poem 

Won the 20th Golden Melody Award for the best composer in the popular performance category.

   Living musician-Ji Hualin, following "Taiwan's Forest", is a new masterpiece of music. In 5 years, he took a DV to experience the environment at an altitude of 2,000 meters, recording Taiwan's landscapes and water shadows, and the changing nature of the four seasons. The original colors compose the musical symphony poems of Taiwan’s nature...

CD+DVD ﹡DVD contains "Fendor of Flying"/"Li Dao" music album MV, special collection ‧Complete record of creation over the years/Superb live piano performance



01Calling Of The Forests
02The Dancing Fairies
03Listen to the whispers of Shenmu Whispers Of The Divine Trees
04 Early morning 5:30 5:30 AM In The Morning
05The Shining Forest Paths
06 LiTu
07 In The Fog

08Tunnel Of The Trees
09 Tribes Among The Mountains
10The Fantastic Waterfall Scene
11LiTu (Rita Singing Version)
12 nights. Night Secret Of The Forests


Album 2: Green Diary ~ CHI's Green Diries  

Walking through the countryside and green fields, walking through the secrets of nature, climbing the beautiful scenery of hundreds of mountains, a green Taiwanese life diary, recording the beautiful notes ~ All-round music master Ji Hualin once again inspired by the natural life of Taiwan , Compose a fresh and beautiful piano diary~


  01. Good-Morning!

  02. The Pure Place, Cingjing

  03. Outside The Window

  04. To Think Of 

05. The Green Leaves

06. Dribble Of The Afternoon

07. The Grass Waltz

08. The Little Forest

09. My Own Green World

10. Ripples Of The Water

11. Sea Of The Trees

12. Journey Of The Life


Album Three: Shan-Ji Hualin's 22 Years of Piano Creation Selection 

Mountain-22 selected piano works


At the age of 16, I went to school at an altitude of 400 meters and saw the majesty of the mountains and the beauty of the clouds.

Before the age of 30, I was deeply in love with nature and set foot in the mountains and forests of Taiwan

Released the first piano performance album "Piano Poems" at the age of 30

I started climbing Baiyue at the age of 34 and became fascinated by the mountains of Taiwan since then...From "Piano Poems", "Taiwan's Forests", "Looking for Spirits", "Green Diary" to "Flying Paradise"... 22 years of classic creation, full of greenery Fresh melody, natural music of mountain and forest spirit.



01 Mountain 
02 Morning in the Forest
03 Golden Forest
04 The Call of the Forest
05 Listen to the whispers of Shenmu
06 The Shadow of the Wind
07 Angel's Tears
08 House in the Mist
09 Afternoon Clouds
10 Mingchi Haze
11 Stream Wind Autumn Mansions
12 Immortal Artisans
13 roll piano
14 The Rise of Water

Original price: 1170 yuan (1 set of 3 albums)

Limited special offer: 1000 yuan (free domestic shipping)

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