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The world's first set of Bluetooth speakers

TF series album of environmental healing piano designed to create a situational atmosphere for environmental space

【Sky Eye 1-3】


Relieve stress and heal and take it with you

"It's an album and a horn"


<Environmental healing pianist>

The TF series of albums combined with Golden Melody musicians took a year to create new creations

High-quality theme series piano music

    Take <gift> 4 types (choose 1 from 4) ultra-healing Bluetooth speakers for you to choose

"October limited to 4 sets of albums each"

tolola outdoor

Sunny Doll


Four-dimensional space

little soldier


The listener is immersed in the atmosphere of the space at any time as the environment changes, which is a set of relief for urbanites.

Healing music antidote for relaxation

<Environmental healing pianist>

Going out in good weather, the sunny doll will accompany you to heal for a summer

Four-dimensional space, unlimited listening

Healing time, relaxing life

Plus 3 albums

"moment. Space・Time》


Disk 1

"Moment  moment"

01 moment  moment

02 Blurred memory  Fuzzy memory

03 Looking back  Look back

04 stay  Stay

05 caress  Stroking

06 Only two people  Only two people

07 Deja vu  Deja vu

08 Move in  Moving

09 Met her  Met her

10 feel as if one were visiting a place  Wandering

11 Moments of time  A moment

12 Miss the season  Miss season

Disk 2


1 space

2 Green sofa

3 Secret passage

4 Girl's room Girl's room

5 Ancient wall

6 Shuttle crowd

7 Export

8 staggered

9 Different dimension

10 Nine months

11 Second element

12 Drifting in space

Disk 3

"Time  time"  

01 Agreement

02 Forgotten

03 One minute

04 Condensation

05 Ancient house

06 Flower butterfly

07 time

08 On the grass slope

09 Emptying

10 The disappearance of the train

11 The earth stops turning

12 Music box

It is a music album and also a player. Exclusive music space

The purest piano loudness, the most delicate professional radio, without modification, the original sound is presented

Coupled with the impromptu emotional integration of the performer, the music is brought into the natural atmosphere space of infinite imagination


Environmental Healing Pianist TF Series Speaker Album

【Sky Eye 1-3】

Plus 3 albums-moments. Space-time (original price 1170 yuan) + gift Bluetooth Speaker

Value limit price: 950 yuan

>Has the speaker been selected? <

tolola outdoor

Sunny Doll


(Blue, black)

Four-dimensional space

little soldier


(Pink, black)

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